A downloadable compo entry for Windows, macOS, and Linux

NOTICE: Resurface is a 6-degrees-of-freedom game that may present problems for players prone to motion sickness.

Mouse cursor required in Interaction Mode.

Three years after a devastating crash, the story of the HMS Good Omens resurfaces.

Join a small recovery crew on an expedition to Omen's Rest, an infamous cove on the Martian Orange Sea where a once-luxurious cruise liner has permanently made itself a new resting place. The friends and families of its former passengers have offered to pay great sums should you come across any of their valuables, both sentimental and otherwise, on your journey. Be warned: the roughly-terraformed environment will be tough on even the highest quality deep sea gear, and you will need to keep an eye on your Air Meter to make sure you don't end up like the rest of the ship. Delve into the decaying halls of the ship and make enough back from returning cherished items to gain access to the furthest reaches of the ship's interior.  If you keep your wits about you, you may be able to spot something of your own interest...


  • W/S: Move Forward/Back
  • A/D: Move Left/Right
  • Q/E: Roll Left/Right
  • MouseLook: Turn the Camera (Navigation Mode only)
  • Mouse1: Interact (Interact Mode Only)
  • Mouse2: Toggle Interact/Navigation Mode
  • F: Return to Surface (context-sensitive)
  • T: Drop Glowstick
  • Shift: Show Mementos List
  • ESC: Pause Menu

How to play

Explore the ship from the entrance point your team has picked, and keep a mental note of this location so that you can find your way back.  On your journey, keep an eye out and listen for items that hold sentimental value to the crew.

When low on air, return to the entrance to refill your air tank.  You can also use your funds from item bounties to buy upgrades for the more perilous aspects of your journey, from glowsticks that will mark your path in green light to an upgraded suit filter that can maintain safe pressure for 2-4x times as long.

To interact with items, flip into Interact Mode with the right mouse button and use your mouse cursor to click on objects.

Official Soundtrack

anchorlight · Resurface - Official Soundtrack

Created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 48.


-> Resurface 0.127 for Windows 50 MB
-> Resurface 0.127 for Linux 57 MB
-> (untested!) Resurface 0.127 for OSX 52 MB
Project Cello - Source Code (v0.123) 387 MB
(outdated) v0.1 for Linux 54 MB
(outdated) Cello v0.122 for Windows (original submission) 50 MB
(outdated) Resurface v0.123 for Windows 50 MB
(outdated) Resurface 0.123 for Linux 56 MB
(outdated) Resurface - Windows v0.1241 50 MB
(outdated) Resurface - Linux v0.1241 56 MB
(outdated) Resurface 0.1251 for Windows 50 MB
(outdated) Resurface 0.1251 for Linux 56 MB
(outdated) Resurface 0.1254 for Windows 50 MB
(outdated) Resurface 0.1254 for Linux 57 MB
(outdated) Resurface 0.126 for Windows 50 MB
(outdated) Resurface 0.126 for Linux 57 MB
(outdated) Resurface v0.126 for OSX 50 MB
(outdated) 0.1265 for Windows 50 MB
(outdated) 0.1265 for Linux.zip 57 MB
(outdated) Resurface 0.1265 for OSX.zip 52 MB

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file, extract the files somewhere, and run LD48_Cello.

Notice: This game does not support 32-bit operating systems.

The recommended version is v0.127, the latest and most polished release.

Other versions are provided for the sake of transparency.

Linux (100% supported):

  • File Name: LD48_Cello_<VERSION>.x86_64
  • Use chmod -x if the application won't open, or allow execution by right-clicking the game from your GUI and using the Properties menu
  • Tested and confirmed working on Ubuntu

Windows (Supported as of v0.12+):

  • File Name: LD48_Cello.exe (exe may be invisible)
  • If SmartScreen appears, click "More info" then "Run Anyway"

Mac OS X (Supported as of v0.126+):

  • File Name: Cello_0.126_OSX.app
  • I've never used a Mac
  • I think you're supposed to use the App file like an application, so try Command clicking it if things don't go right
  • Good luck, I believe in you

WebGL (Supported in 0.123):

  • Permanently removed due to irreconcilable grievances

Android, OpenVR:

  • No current support
  • May be tested later, but no promises

Development log

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